Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Radiohead Probably Won't Testify Against the RIAA

In a move that will disappoint fanboys everywhere, Pitchfork is reporting that Radiohead is NOT actually set to testify against the RIAA. They point to some earlier, unconfirmed announcements of news that the Brit boys would be defending a Boston University student in his million dollar fight for seven mp3s.

The band's statement? "No member of Radiohead has any plans to testify in this trial, [but] there was an informal meeting between the defense attorney and one of the band's managers."

Now, I'm not an expert on Radiohead's personal views on the illegal downloading of their music, but what I do know for a fact is that many artists have endorsed the practice. Why shouldn't these artists come to the aid of their fans in the courtroom? Sure, they may not own the music in all cases (that'd be the labels) but it would be in good faith for them to at least show some solidarity with the people that control their livelihood.

Sure there are artists on the other side of the debate and of course they have a right to be paid for their services, but it's difficult not to come across as greedy, especially if you're the size of a band like, say, Radiohead. I'm obviously reminded of Lars Ulrich's embarrassing turn on Charlie Rose back in the Napster days in which he outed himself as a money hungry, out of touch bully. He debated Public Enemy's Chuck D and the clip can be seen here.

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