Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Statement of Intent

Mutiny on the Electronic Bay is an analytical aggregator---some sort of a hybrid Mars rover of a blogspot that will comb the web for relevant news, multimedia, and insight---about the online "piracy" of music, television and movies. My apologies: I cannot care about video games or computer programs.
Arrrgh, where's me torrent? I missed me Grey's Anatomy this week.

This blog will not necessarily condemn the process of downloading illegally and may even promote it in a roundabout way, yet I fully endorse the notion of supporting art that "deserves" it. Whatever that means.

I am improvising and this will be a work in progress all the way through. Your comments might help. Let's give this a shot...

[Note: Mutiny on the Electronic Bay comes from the Florida band Against Me! song of the same name. It applies perfectly. A shoddy live video is above.]

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