Friday, February 6, 2009

The Weekly Voyage into Hot 100 Hell

Every Friday (approximately), the music blog Idolator, formerly of the Gawker Media empire, remembers that not only do some people still buy music (!!!) but they decide what to buy based on WHAT THEY HEAR ON THE RADIO. Believe it.

"100 and Single" is their witty tag for the weekly exploration of Billboard's Hot 100 and almost surprisingly, is always worth a read.

Today's column notes the impending comebacks of onetime platinum children Eminem and Kelly Clarkson and strikes me as a curious exercise. Whereas the top of the charts at one time represented the most immediately present part of the day's pop cultural consciousness, discussion of it is now reserved for niche media of the poptimist sort. A blog like Idolator is little more than a neo-trade publication and that leaves the Billboard charts to be fetishized like vinyl LPs.

mp3 Katy Perry- Hook Up (Demo)

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